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  • Menthocam


    250g Menthocam rub

    Use for: Chest and back for sinus congestion, Arthritis pain and gout, temples and neck for headaches,sore muscles and joints, sole of feet for burning, insect bites, sunburn.

  • Oil Lavender


    Lavender therapeutic grade pure essential oil. Anti-septic-analgesic, anti-depressant,anti-rheumatic, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral/bactrial, decongetant, soother.

  • Oil Rosemary


    10ml Rosemary grade pure essential oil.

    Relief of:

    Coughes, headaces, flu, sinus, sore throat, anti-bacterial.


  • Oil Thyme


    10ml Thyme grade pure essential oil.

    Used for;

    Skin infections, eczema, headaches, coughs, flu, sinus, sore throat, anti-viral, anti-bacterial.